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Date: 08/04/01

> How would I go about doing that? Setting everyone's stats to max?

I'm not sure if stock do_restore checks the parameter at all, so this
code might need to be hacked in to do that.  But, basically, to iterate
through a list of players and restore them, do this:

add this to the top of do_restore in act.wizard.c:

struct char_data *vict, *list;
struct descriptor_data *j;

this is the code to actually restore people, note the comments, you'll
need to take them and the irrelevant line out:

    for (j = descriptor_list; j; j = j->next)
      if (STATE(j) == CON_PLAYING && j->character && j->character != ch)
        vict = j->character;
        if (GET_LEVEL(ch) <= GET_LEVEL(vict))

// if you are using the stock code, use:
GET_HIT(vict) = GET_MAX_HIT(vict);

// if you are using the events patch, use:
alter_hit(vict, -(GET_MAX_HIT(vict) - GET_HIT(vict)));

        act("$n has restored you!", FALSE, ch, 0, vict, TO_VICT);

If you don't already know how to check if the user typed 'restore all'
then you can do this:

one_argument(argument, buf);
if (!*buf)
  send_to_char("Restore which what where?\r\n", ch);
else if (!str_cmp("all", buf)) {
  // restore all code goes here
} else {
  // regular code goes here

Hope that helps.  :)

-Mark Smith
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