From: Chris Maniar (
Date: 08/04/01

On Sat, 4 Aug 2001, NeoStar wrote:

> How would I go about doing that? Setting everyone's stats to max?

I presume you mean points (hp, mana, move) rather than stats.

You need to add some code inside do_restore() which will loop through all
descriptors on the mud and set each point of each char to maximum.


if (argument is "all")
 for (each descriptor)
  GET_HIT(d->character) = GET_MAX_HIT(d->character);

Have a look at the transfer all command to see an example of looping
through each descriptor and performing an operation on them.

I have not included real code because this is quite a simple piece of
coding, and should not be done for you by someone else. Its a good
learning experience :)

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