Re: NEWBIE: New Players Crash on Quit

From: Ernest DeVore (
Date: 08/10/01

>You weren't specific when you mentioned the source of the code you're
>using, but that sounds like something you'll get in one of Del's
>bundles.  If so, it's caused by the ascii pfile mod.  You can fix it
>pretty easily by getting the newest version of ascii pfiles (2.1) from
>the ftp site and replacing your copy of diskio.c with the new one.

I'm not sure where my would-be coder got a hold of this, but it's a
build of 30 at bpl18 with Oasis and DGscripts included. The pfiles
aren't ascii however. I'd considered getting one of the patches and
converting them but I'm not seeing the advantages of that, excepting
perhaps easier manipulation and conversion if I add or remove structure
to it.

I've decided to just comment out the free_char function. I think by the
time it ever becomes a problem I'll have learned enough to deal with it.
Or at least that's my hope.

I'm still learning about Circlemud, and that includes how to discuss it
intelligently and ask for help. :)

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