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From: Phillip Tran (
Date: 08/12/01

Robert ranted on like a lunatic:

In spec_proc.c

      const char close_path[] =

From memory, I assume this is the spec_proc for the mayor in one of the
stock areas (forgot which town - New Thalos?). Anyways, it uses the
close_path[] array to determine what the mayor should do upon the zone
being reset. ie. (this is totally a guess)
    close_path[0] = wake the damn mayor up (the mayor wakes up and yawns,
"mighty fine day blah blah")
    close_path[1] = some direction, (it appears all the numbers are
directions, so the mayor is walking out of his office)
etc etc, anyways, this spec_proc makes the mayor open the town gates at
certain times and closes them at night. He then goes to sleep (note the S
at the end).

This spec_proc is screwy when the mayor cant go to his desired direction.
This causes the gates to remain locked and players cant get into the town
(without picklock anyways). So, if you want to avoid this, change the zone
settings so the gates can get unlocked or whatever.

Hope this helps.

PS: Read the damn docs for act() calls.

Dark Realms.

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