Ascii Shop Bitvectors?

From: Alan Miles (
Date: 08/13/01

Hello.  I have a question concerning Ascii shop bitvectors, more
accurrately why they haven't been implemented and why it says it is in
the building.txt documentation.  I think I could add the code myself
without too much trouble, but I was wondering why all other bitvectors
have been converted but not shops?

I ask this because I have been working very loosely and on and off on an
offline Circle area editor and have been implementing shops lately. 
It's not so much that the format matters a whole lot, although
text-editing an Ascii bitvector is much more simple (thus the reason for
the conversion) than editing and calculating a bitvector.

Anyway, I was wondering if this was intentional, or if it just hasn't
been done yet, or what.  If I make a patch for this, would anyone be
interested in me posting it here?  Thanks for the help.

Alan K. Miles

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