Re: Redit bug

From: Peter Ajamian (
Date: 08/13/01

Mark Seelenbacher wrote:
> #0  0x80b87f6 in str_dup (source=0x0) at utils.c:89
> #1  0x8094e36 in copy_room_strings (dest=0x4016fb00, source=0x83025b0) at genwld.c:427

copy_room_strings() is calling str_dup() with a NULL value (0x0) as
source.  str_dup() attempts to dereference its source arg and that will
always cause a seg fault when you attempt to dereference a NULL value.
I'm figuring that it gets freed and nulled out when you do the /c and
then the save attempts to str_dup the result of the edit which crashes
the MUD.  Try something like this at line 427 of genwld.c:

if (source)
  str_dup(dest, source);
  str_dup(dest, "undefined");

Regards, Peter

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