Re: spec_procs

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/13/01

        > condensed to 'how do I write spec_procs' <

        Well, the easiest way is simply to sit down and walk yourself
through the code that already exists.

        Look at some like snake, or thief (for mob specific procs), or
dump for rooms.  I believe there are even a large number of contributed
spec_procs on the ftp site that have a whole range of possibilities.  Some
are really simple, while others are quite complex examples.

        If you don't have the time to look through those, I can
sum up how to make a new spec proc in about 3 steps;

        1) Make a new spec proc.
        2) assign it to the vnum/type in spec_assign.c under the correct
          function (assign_mobiles(), assign_objects(), assign_rooms()).
        3) recompile and restart your mud.

        I'd go more indepth but I don't really have the time.


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