Ranged Room Combat V2.2

From: Brian Hartvigsen (tresni@ikickass.org)
Date: 08/14/01

There were a few people who wrote me personally about fixing my P.O.S. code
of Ranged Room Combat..  At first I started actually fixing the code and
then I realized how badly I had actually coded it so I rewrote the entire
thing from scratch..  Anyway this new Ranged Room Combat works on a grid
(7x7 static grid currently.. Later I will make it so it can be changed to
just about anything but I want to make sure all the bugs get worked out
first.)  Unlike the original you can not preset where you wish to load into
a room (though it could be semi-done with a trigger)  Where you are loaded
depends on which direction you come from.  Also it uses the value[0] for
ITEM_WEAPONS as the weapon's range.  This means you need to edit all your
weapons and set the value[0] to something other then 0 if you want to give
an item any range at all.  (In my MUD daggers have 0 range, swords have 1
range..  Anything above 1 is a missle weapon..)
   Everything you need to get started should be in the range.c file
(anything not in there shouldn't be to hard to figure out..)  I was never
very good at commenting code but I think it's easy to read (I hope it is
anyway)..  Please send all bug reports directly to me first, if it bounces
or something then send it to the list 8)


P.S. Forgot to mention I uploaded it shortly before sending this email.  I
told them contrib/code/room would be a good spot but who knows 8)

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