Re: New rules for CircleMUD?

From: Ironfist (
Date: 08/14/01

Jeremy wrote:

> I don't think the rules should change simply because there's a new version
> of D&D out.  That said, I don't think D&D rules are particularly well
> suited to a mud.  They have a lot of weird special cases (str_add is one
> that jumps to mind immediately) that make life a bit more confusing.
> IMHO there have been so many alterations to the standard D&D rules
> (particularly in the magic system) that there is no longer any need to
> follow them.  If I was updating the rules I'd leave them mostly the same
> (don't fix what isn't broken) but I'd make AC go upwards (3rd Ed style)
> and I'd get rid of the strength hack.

I believe that the 3rd edition rules get rid of the str_add, and this would be
a good thing for circle IMHO. (gold dragon has 46-47 strength, human 10-11,
centaur 18-19, etc).

Also, saving spells atm are based on the method of casting (magic item, scroll,
pc magic) except for breath and paralyzation, but a better method I think
would be to use something similiar to 3rd edition rules with save vs fortitude,
will, and reflex.  This reflects a person dodging a fireball more accurately, as
opposed to making a save based on a wand fireball or a scroll fireball.

I like the class/level based skill system, but it would be nice to see something
different done with practice sessions.  I don't like the fact that a person who
saves up sessions can skip , for example, cure light, if they get power leveled
past it, and therefore save up sessions.  This does not represent a person who
has to climb through the ranks without the help of powerful friends well. Certain
aspects of the skill tree such as prerequisites would fix this.  What I dont like,

is the rom mud style(the ones I've seen) where you can buy sanc, warrior attacks,
and backstab all on one character.  It makes the classes lose their own identity.

Just some thoughts...

Robert Mattern 4100

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