Re: ASCII Pfiles, benefits?

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 08/17/01

To me, the benifit of ASCII pfiles is flexibility.  I am able to add stats
and other player properties, change the size of the bitvectors and save
things like "poofin" and "poofout".  I also implemented customized "wear
off" messages for affects.

Some of these changes are difficult to make using binary files.
poofin/poofout messages would require adding fixed length strings to the
player saved structure, then writing a conversion program to update your
player file.  Adding stats requires either a similary procedure, or renaming
one of the "extra" variables, which I find rather clumsy.

I assume there's at least one patch on the ftp site for converting to ASCII
files....I wrote my own code for various reasons.  It took me most of a
Saturday, but I also converted my house and rent files to ASCII.


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