Re: Text Editors and Linebreaks (was Mob bugs)

From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 08/19/01

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From: "Luca" <>

> But I don't know why when I make a E-spec Mob it crashes and when i make a
> S-spec Mob it goes normally. Even in WinWord!!!

Allow me to enlighten you.  The function parse_enhanced_mob() is sensitive
to the presence of extra \r's due to the line:

if (!strcmp(line, "E"))      /* end of the enhanced section */

Obviously, if there is an extra carriage return in "line", this will never
return 0, and the result is that you will get an error that your E section
is unterminated (when it reads the next #).

parse_simple_mob() has no such sensitivity because it doesn't perform any
strcmp() or any other function that might care whether there are stray
whitespace characters at the end of the line.


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