Re: Text Editors and Linebreaks (was Mob bugs)

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Date: 08/18/01

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From: "Luca" <>
> At 22:42 19/08/01 +0200, you wrote:
> Thank you because of the clues, and I know that winword sucks!
> But I don't know why when I make a E-spec Mob it crashes and when i make a
> S-spec Mob it goes normally. Even in WinWord!!!
> Luca

As stated earlier:

with dos files you get:


This gets read as

get_line(mob_f, line);
// line = "E\r"
if !str_cmp(line, "E")

The check above is NEVER true, because the E has a \r after it.
(this is in db.c, parse_enhanced_mob)

It's easier, and as Artovil pointed out, safer, to edit the files in a
text editor suited for the task. I use Ultraedit myself.
dos2unix is a shell command, and has been ported to cygwin. You should
be able to do it in the shell. If not check out the cygwin home page and
install it.


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