disallowing color in certain channels

From: NeoStar (neostar@inorbit.com)
Date: 08/19/01

I am using a color code system where you  type &number anywhere in the code
or in the MUD to allow for extensive customization both for the players and
myself. But I know how awful things can look when people decide to go crazy
with it. I want to make it so that certain channels ignore the &n and just
print it out regularly. I am totally clueless about where to start!!
ex. someone types:
title &1this would be a red title&0
and instead of having their title actually become red, having it show the
&1 and &0 or maybe just removing them completely from the result.

I can go into the code and put my desired color in for each and every spot
where it outputs the title text ("&7%s&0", player_title) but that's just a
little too tedious.


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