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From: Mike Breuer (
Date: 08/19/01

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From: "NeoStar" <neostar@INORBIT.COM>

> I am using a color code system where you  type &number anywhere in the
> or in the MUD to allow for extensive customization both for the players
> myself. But I know how awful things can look when people decide to go
> with it. I want to make it so that certain channels ignore the &n and just
> print it out regularly. I am totally clueless about where to start!!

You didn't state which particular system you're using, and I'm not familiar
with it based on your description.  I assume that there is some sort of
function where all the text is filtered to replace the &n with the
appropriate color strings.  You should probably modify that function to take
a parameter indicating that colors should be ignored.  The problem with that
is that you'd have to modify all the functions calling that function,
probably including send_to_char, act, etc.

Another way to do it would be to add a flag to the player's descriptor that
you could toggle when you want to ignore color.  You'd have to have a
reasonably safe mechanism in place to make sure the toggle resets at the
appropriate time.  Of course, you would still need to modify the filter
function to check the toggle.


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