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From: Artovil (
Date: 08/20/01

At 00:37 2001-08-20 -0400, you wrote:
>You Might want to try
>UltraEdit, its got about a bazillion features and can
>be useful even outside the realm of coding (if you ever go there :) )
>( its not Free, but its Qualitee <--Get it? I rhyme

If you like UltraEdit, try EditPlus, which is the big brother of UltraEdit
in a sense.  It has a lot more features, and is a splendid editor for any
programming language that requires some form of syntax.  I use it to edit
anything from C code to my Flash Action Scripts and even my DG Scripts with
(I made a pseudo syntax file for DG Scripts :]).  I haven't tried UltraEdit
in a couple of months now, maybe he's added features to it, but when I used
it last it was merely a bleak shadow of EditPlus.  Well, everybody's taste
is different... :)

Try it out as well:


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