Re: Text editors (etc)

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/20/01

        I had to throw in my current editor-of-choice for windows, viw.  I
used to use memacs (micro-emacs) but in the end, viw is more than
sufficient for my day to day uses.

        Exciting? No, not really.  It's just vi with a windows interface
wrapped around it.  Barring a minor issue I have with global substitution
where pipes (the symbol '|') it seems okay.



        Why are so many muds out there textbook cases for Monty-Haul
campaigns? (

        I ask this because more and more I see the same sort of thing
which I regard as schlock.  I see muds who are stock muds, only if you
divide the levels by 10, hit points by 100, damage by 100,000, and hits
per round by some factor which is geometrically increasing as we speak.
I'm frequently confused by the discussions going on at muds where i've
stopped in to lend a helping hand (code/admin wise), as players no longer
have any use for gold, have equipment lists averaging between 200 and 400
items, all items in the game are known - the best items are known by rote
memorization, and ..well..back to stats, people count their abilities,
skills, and bonuses in increments of 10 or 100.  If it were just
multiplaction, that's no big deal, but it actually skews balance so that
things like PvP is rated on a different scale than PvNPC combat (sometimes
even the code involved is different!?!).

        People actually extoll these as virtues! "The best fighter in the
game has a +96 hit/damage sword, but Joe is putting in a new zone with a
+127 mace! Haha!".  Like this is something to be proud of?

        This isn't shocking really, I've seen it happen in pen & paper
dungeons, and I understand the way that it's hard to reverse earlier
actions at a time when their impact is not yet realized.

        I am surprised that this trend continues though.  It seems that
all these muds have a self-limiting user-base size and always have issues
which are politely refered to as 'political'.  As in "the mud was
destroyed due to 'polictical' infighting".

        Is it just that we (as a mud community) can't get players via a
zork-like level of difficulty and gameplay, and that we have to rely on
virtual gold and endless electronic copies of emperor's robes?

        Is anyone out there running a campaign which caters to those
seeking a challenge, not just those seeking a quick buzz?  Do you have
player retention?  How do you stop/slow a nearly-inevitable turn towards
massive stats, and the Next Big Thing (tm)?

        Boy, 9 am is no time to come up with an ob-circle.  Brain hurts
from thinking.


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