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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 08/20/01

> I don't understand it... Is CircleMUD stock with a 10 to -10 AC system?
> Where is that defined? I'd prefer something like 300 to -300 that way item
> and spell affects would be a little more.... uhm I'm not sure of the word,
> so I'll just say that they'll be a little more ;)

        Remember, simply playing the multiplication game gets you nothing;
except balance issues with zones.  If -300 ac is the current day
equivilent of -10 ac (I'll assume you update your to-hit tables, fight
subroutines, etc, so the change makes sense without having +300 hit/dam
swords), you haven't changed anything really.  Don't forget to run through
and fix all your spells and pre-existing items so they more accurately
represent this range.. if 'armor' only takes off 10 ac, in the new system
people won't even bother casting it.

        On the other hand, I did once whip up an AC system which ranged
from 0 to 200 ac,200 = tank.  Based on a ...uhm.. lets call it thac0,
since it's the same concept, you had your random factor which ranged
between 0 and 99.  That's right, without bonuses, modifications, etc, you
didn't have the ability to 'hit' above 100 ac (baring special attacks).
Of course, 'hit' was determined by differences in skills of the characters
fighting, whether it was a glancing blow, a dodge, something affecting
armor instead of the player (or vice versa).

        By figuring out how far from the goal they had hit or missed they
had a chance (always) for a critical failure, or (sometimes, rare or
special weapon caused these) critical hits.

        I hadn't quite got around to adding all the critical types, since
this mud hadn't (yet!) had limb damage & removal, or bleeding.


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