Re: Charisma

From: Dust (
Date: 08/20/01

Well I use a combo of a skill of haggling and charisma to determine
the chances of a player getting a deal in some shops (not all shop
keepers are willing to haggle), also yea the limit of charmed mobs,
kinda like henchmen in AD&D (roughly 1/3 of their charisma seems
common).. Randomly I give players a chance of getting a couple extra
practice sessions if a roll of 1d40 is less than their charisma upon
leveling, just to give them a reason to roll for charisma. Typically
though charisma was used for more of a role playing and reaction than
anything else, in MUDs its difficult to do that since you can't roll
for another player's reaction to someone with a cha of 3 so it should
have functions beyond just being there.

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