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Date: 08/21/01


Tuesday, August 21, 2001, 7:02:21 AM, you wrote:

GG> Here's a little note I sent to the CircleMUD developer's list I suppose
GG> should be discussed:

GG> --- 8< ---
GG> Shouldn't we actually use this attribute for something?

GG> I was thinking shopkeeper pricing, charmed creature limits, and charmed
GG> creature obediance.
GG> --- 8< ---

GG> Charisma is _never_ used currently.

    In essense charisma has become the never-used rp stat in many
    places and have no real effect since most roleplayers tend to want
    to play a beautiful, all-powerful, etc.
    There is, however, rules for lazy DM's in the D&D rulebooks for
    monster reaction to players where the charisma plays a part in
    determining the outcome of the reaction roll. This would be an
    obvious place to use charisma - both with random mob encounters
    and with shopkeepers.
    There is, of course, also the standard use of the stat with the
    number of henchmen you may attract/creatures you can summon/etc.,
    which we have currently implemented in the mud I develop for.
    Apart from that, charisma will most likely never be thought too
    highly about for anyone but rp'ers... if you're lucky. :o)
    (A shame really, it's a wonderful stat to have).

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