Oasis OLC v2.0.1 and the new zone system

From: Tony Robbins (robbinwa@mailbox.orst.edu)
Date: 08/22/01

Good evening, all;

I've been putting together CircleMUD 3.0.19 with Oasis OLC v2.0.1, and
testing out different aspects of the new zone code.  As George mentioned
before, (hopefully) all the zone bottom = zone number * 100 issues have been
resolved.  But now there are a few other things that should be considered.
For instance:

(I hope you have a fixed-width font!)

+---- (zone 12: rooms 1200 through 1299) ----
|+---- (zone 13: rooms 1210 through 1289) ----
||+---- (zone 14: rooms 1220 through 1279) ----

Forgive the bad illustration, but here we have three zones, that all overlap
and are contained within one another.  After fixing some issues with zone
saving (if these are not unique to me, then I'll release a patch to the
OasisOLC maintainer, or just maintain it myself...maybe), I've found that
permissions currently function as follows.

A person with access to zone 12 will now only be able to edit rooms 1200
through 1209, and 1290 through 1299.
A person with access to zone 13 will now only be able to edit rooms 1210
through 1219, and 1280 through 1289.
A person with access to zone 14 will be able to edit everything from 1220
through 1279.

To me, this is undesirable.  If I gave someone access to 12, I'd expect them
to have access from its bottom to its top.  If I work on OasisOLC at all,
this is a change which I think would be made for certain.

Another aspect of this, is that OasisOLC v2.0.1 can't handle the new system
as well as one would want.  For example, I just created 3 zones similar to
the example above, and when I created a new room in zone 14, it was put into
zone 13.  After rebooting, it was considered part of zone 12.  It's in the
room file for zone 13.  And there's ANOTHER room 1220 in 14.wld, which
doesn't get used.

1.  Rooms, objects, mobiles, and shops should be saved in the files for its
most specific zone number.
2.  Permissions should be inherited for zones that are subsets of another
3.  Saving should work properly (it didn't when I patched earlier; I've
repaired it but haven't done much testing).

Give me input on how you feel about this, so I know which way to run with
(or away from) this.

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