Re: Oasis OLC v2.0.1 and the new zone system

From: George Greer (
Date: 08/22/01

On Wed, 22 Aug 2001, Tony Robbins wrote:

>A person with access to zone 12 will now only be able to edit rooms 1200
>through 1209, and 1290 through 1299.
>A person with access to zone 13 will now only be able to edit rooms 1210
>through 1219, and 1280 through 1289.
>A person with access to zone 14 will be able to edit everything from 1220
>through 1279.
>To me, this is undesirable.  If I gave someone access to 12, I'd expect them
>to have access from its bottom to its top.  If I work on OasisOLC at all,
>this is a change which I think would be made for certain.

Yes, of course.  It should be.

>Another aspect of this, is that OasisOLC v2.0.1 can't handle the new
>system as well as one would want.  For example, I just created 3 zones
>similar to the example above, and when I created a new room in zone 14,
>it was put into zone 13.  After rebooting, it was considered part of zone
>12.  It's in the room file for zone 13.  And there's ANOTHER room 1220 in
>14.wld, which doesn't get used.

OasisOLC is completely broken if you try to do anything with overlaps.  If
you haven't fixed OasisOLC, don't do overlaps.

>1.  Rooms, objects, mobiles, and shops should be saved in the files for its
>most specific zone number.
>2.  Permissions should be inherited for zones that are subsets of another
>3.  Saving should work properly (it didn't when I patched earlier; I've
>repaired it but haven't done much testing).
>Give me input on how you feel about this, so I know which way to run with
>(or away from) this.

You have the idea, though I'm not doing it. I retired. :)

And I didn't retire because of all the other changes needed to get
overlapping done. It was because I didn't have the time for any sort of
work on it.  I barely had enough time to get the "no zone=100" assumptions
in.  I'm sure other people with more time than myself will be able to work
on it sometime in the future.

George Greer

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