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From: Justin (
Date: 08/25/01

> eg... punch left (opponenet) and then they have the chance of blocking by
> like typing block punch... i want to do it so that it has time delay on the
> attack and a time limit for when u have to defend by,

I think that all this would do would be to force users to learn how to use
their client's trigger abilities. There will still be no skill involved. And
aren't you worried that you'd have to slow the fight down a *ton* to allow
non-triggered people to actually be successful at it? I'm afraid such a slow
fight might be boring.

It's an interesting idea, but I don't think to be successful you would need
to keep normal attack rounds in there (the normal attacks go through as it
currently does while special attacks, which may be blockable, happening
concurrently).. If every single hit is delayed to figure out how the other
responds, I'm afraid it would end up too tedious to actually play without
triggers. As soon as a game is like work, it's not a game anymore.

On a related note, how would you fight something huge, in system like that?
Say, a dragon. You're not ever going to block anything it sends at you. On
the flip side, how could you ever *not* block a hit by a rabbit (which some
feel lame to fight at 1st lvl already, in my opinion would only increase
it). If you think about it, in real life, blocking a punch is almost no
skill, and almost all body mass and muscle (with a little speed if opponents
are similarly built). My point being that you should never be so "good" at
blocking left punches that you could block a left punch by a dragon, or so
"bad" that you couldn't block a left punch by a rabbit (not that a dragon or
a rabbit should be "left punching" anyway). Just be wary, because if parts
of your fight become more realistic, the other parts of your fight which are
unrealistic shine even more brightly. And if you say "well, I wont have
rabbits", you'll probably have an equivalent low lvl mob, such as a small
boy, which generates the same issue.

Not trying to stand in the way of what you want, just offering my view on it
so you can think through everything to implement the best. I wish you


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