Re: Spell / Skill Editor

From: Dust (
Date: 08/25/01

You could possibly easily design your own "basic skill and spell"
editor, but almost all skills and some spells have to be individually
coded in. You could make a OLC type editor where you select like
"damage skill" or "damage spell", or "affect spell", select the
important attributes on a case by case basis and save it into a file.
On startup the MUD could read the file and based on the syntax, add
the spells or skills to a database. However, you need macro
definitions for the stuff in spells.h and also damage messages in the
messages file, so making something that would completely work would be
a tedious task involving lots of stuff. I find it easier just to
divide the skills/magic.c into multiple files and then I can add in
maybe a dozen new spells or skills at once without any hassle.

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