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From: Del (
Date: 08/25/01

Dust wrote:
> You could possibly easily design your own "basic skill and spell"
> editor, but almost all skills and some spells have to be individually
> coded in. You could make a OLC type editor where you select like
> "damage skill" or "damage spell", or "affect spell", select the
> important attributes on a case by case basis and save it into a file.
> On startup the MUD could read the file and based on the syntax, add
> the spells or skills to a database. However, you need macro
> definitions for the stuff in spells.h and also damage messages in the
> messages file, so making something that would completely work would be
> a tedious task involving lots of stuff. I find it easier just to
> divide the skills/magic.c into multiple files and then I can add in
> maybe a dozen new spells or skills at once without any hassle.

This topic has come up alot lately. The last week or so, I have been playing
with an Oasis interface to spells. Currently I converted all spello stuff
to be read off the disk instead of hard coded and initialized from
spell_procs.c. Each spell and skill can be changed online for all variables
in the spell_type_info struct. The spell number has been replaced with a vnum
(which currently matches the spell number).

I am not sure as of yet how to procede. A few problems I am running into
1. Limiting only spells to objects in oedit. Currently any spell or skill
   can be set on an object (scrolls, wands, etc).
   One solution was to re-define the violent variable to use flags
   NOBITS, VIOLENT, IS_SKILL, IS_SPELL, and any other that may be needed.

2. Damage messages as was stated. Adding them into the file to be loaded
   at boot.

3. Any resistances currenly hard coded (!CHARM and the likes) throw a twist
   into any 'new' spell. Wondering if anyone has an idea of how the !XXXX's
   can be worked into this scheme.

Was thinking of adding variables for Wait states (before and after casting).

Any other thoughts, suggestions, ideas are welcome before I continue.

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