looking to assemble a team.

From: sarcasm (stochastic42@home.com)
Date: 08/27/01

 Heya.   I'm currently working on building a 100% D&D compliant rulebase
with with circlemud engine, with the eventual goal of creating an
immersive roleplay environment.

I'd consider myself a bump up from novice in terms of my coding skills,
and am putting SERIOUS time into developing the mud, and looking for
people with the same level of commitment.

immeadiate/in-progress goals are ...
complete spellbook/memorization system (including spell components)
greeting/introduction code
multiple coin types (gold, slilver, copper)

eventual goal:
100% AD&D compliant rulesystem/world.

If you're interested give me a shout at stochastic42@home.com ..

I like cabbage.

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