Umm, what did I do?

From: Shane Lee (
Date: 08/29/01

Umm, my MUD won't clear the port after a crash for some time.
When it tries to boot back up after a reboot or SEGFAULT,
I get a "can't bind to address: in use" kinda message.
So I played around with it manually, shutting down the
game and rebooting it, and it takes anywhere from
15 seconds to a minute or more before I can reboot the
game. I don't even know what I did wrong, since all I've
been messing with is descriptors and copyover.

About that: I added an extra int to descriptor_data, but
the game was crashing whenever I tried to do a copyover.
So I went into comm.c and tried messing with the
copyover recovery in there, but this bug popped its ugly
head up and shouted, "I'll eat you!". Well, not really,
but bugs scare me anyway, so it might as well have, the
result was the same.

I went back in and tried to remove the changes I made, but
the bug is still there. My last backup was several thousand K
ago, so I hate to resort to that.

Can anyone out there lend me a hand?


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