Re: Umm, what did I do?

From: Ronald Fenner Jr (
Date: 08/29/01

on 8/29/01 3:11 AM, Shane Lee at wrote:

> Umm, my MUD won't clear the port after a crash for some time.
> When it tries to boot back up after a reboot or SEGFAULT,
> I get a "can't bind to address: in use" kinda message.
hmm sounds like you may have messed something up in specifying that the port
be reused right away once the process was done. don't remember the exact
programming behind it but I do believe it was covered in some document
somewhere, check the archives and the documentation and faqs that came with
the source.

> So I went into comm.c and tried messing with the
> copyover recovery in there, but this bug popped its ugly
> head up and shouted, "I'll eat you!". Well, not really,
> but bugs scare me anyway, so it might as well have, the
> result was the same.
If they scare then you probably shouldn't be coding ;) as your always going
to be running into them for one reason or another it's just part of the
development cycle.

Ron Fenner

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