Re: Nifty Languages

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 08/29/01

> I've been reading reports of people wanting to rewrite the codebase with
> C++ or some other "niftier" programming language.  Whilst I believe the
> CircleMUD community should embrace a challenge and adopt new
> functionallity, I believe that moving aware from C or a variant of C would
> prove disasterous.  Coding CircleMUDs IMHO is by far the easiest of all
> the codebases, and actually flows quite logically.  I fear what C++,
> however brilliant it may be, might do to CircleMUD's newbie-friendly
> image.

   One of the big advantages with OOP-languages is the way it's
   centered in logical thinking. That C++ isn't the easiest language
   to learn outright with all the tricky polymorphisms, stl containers
   and algorithms and a host of other nifty functionality is granted.
   But people who has not looked at C before, and are fairly new to
   programming, have, imho, an easier time picking up C++ than they
   have C.  As to the newbie-friendly image of Circle that will,
   probably, not go away if there is a recode to C++. However, I'd be
   more concerned about a vast majority of people leaving if it was
   recoded in Java as that is one slooooow thing, plus I'm certain a
   great many of us shun the idea of not being able to control our own
   memory. :o)  Anyway, just a few thoughts.

Yours truly,
 Henrik Stuart (

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