Re: License issues, MySQL

From: Del (
Date: 08/29/01

Holy crapola!!

I have never seen a topic get the attention from so many as does the topic
of licensing. I however would like to contribute some small pieces of advice.

   The best source for information on the CircleMUD license is probably
   from George, Alex or Jeremy. I am sure they have seen enough questions
   and have done enough research on the topic.

   Licensing questions for other applications (like MySQL) would probably be
   best answered by the authors of the software package.

   Another solution would be to ask a lawyer. I truely doubt they would be
   willing to answer or even look up information about the issues unless they
   were being paid to do so. Hell, most would probably not even know about
   these kinds of licenses.

   Lastly, unless someone on this list is a lawyer, I really think that most
   of the oppinions about licensing, are just that. And I hope that those who
   are truely needing advice would hunt down the authors and to cover thier
   own asses by verifying it with them. That is, if you plan to distribute
   code along with CircleMUD (or any other for that matter).
   Half of the messages on this topic stated something to the effect 'I am
   not a lawyer but...'.

   I am not a doctor but that huge gash on the back of your head does not
   appear to be too bad. Just make sure you clean up the blood before you
   leave. :)

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