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Date: 08/30/01

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>    I am not a doctor but that huge gash on the back of your head does not
>    appear to be too bad. Just make sure you clean up the blood before you
>    leave. :)

You assume that just because we're not lawyers, we will give BAD advice.
Well, perhaps.  But the point of saying I'm not a lawyer is to let the
reader know that it is not an expert opinion.  That point seems a little
redundant with your message.

One of the things I have encountered lately while working on spells is the
fact that affect wear off messages are tied to the spells and not the
affects themselves.  With more complicated spells, it is sometimes difficult
to come up with a generic message that shows all of the affects wearing off.
This is especially difficult when a spell has multiple affects that do not
wear off at the same time.  I ended up implementing customized wear off
messages, which finally gave me an excuse to implement ASCII player files
for storing the messages.

This may have been overkill, but it seems to me that at a minimum, we should
implement wear off messages for AFF_BLIND, AFF_INVISIBLE, etc that are not
tied to specific spells.  Thoughts?


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