License for Help Files and startup screen

From: Wacks, David (
Date: 08/30/01

I have 2 questions

1. I want to redo the entire help system.  I would like to combine all of
the credits into a single help and reference it all on the line, e.g.

help diku, envy, circle, credits, etc would all pull the same entry.

I have been cleaning this up and it is very cluttered.  Can this be done
within the licensing?  I am not changing any of the text, just combining it.
Everything is still there.

2. What HAS to be on the startup screen? I want to go to a very minimalistic
version.  I remembers omething about the original authors aving to be there
but I notice many muds do not have this.

A. Can I put for a list of credits please type help credits?
B. Do I have to make it avail at the login screen?


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