Re: License for Help Files and startup screen

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 08/30/01


> A. Can I put for a list of credits please type help credits?
> B. Do I have to make it avail at the login screen?

   Take a look at doc/license.doc. :o)

   To paste the two key segments...

   -- The login sequence must contain the names of the DikuMUD and
   CircleMUD creators.  The 'login sequence' is defined as the text
   seen by players between the time they connect to the MUD and when
   they start to play the game itself.

   -- The text in the 'credits' file distributed with CircleMUD must be
   preserved.  You may add your own credits to the file, but the existing
   text must not be removed, abridged, truncated, or changed in any way.
   This file must be displayed when the 'credits' command is used from
   within the MUD.

   So for question B: Yes - very much and completely so.

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