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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 09/04/01

On Tue, 4 Sep 2001, Mielikki wrote:
> I have a circle 3.0 bpl15 that has been moderately modified ...

Yick.  Don't get into the "<adverb>-modified" thing.  I believe a fairly
general rule is that if your CircleMUD is not modified, then there's
usually no reason to be running it since *anyone* can run an unmodified
CircleMUD.  Since things like "heavily modified" have been used to death
for everything silly, lame, boring, innovative, and plain, the term is
diluted to the point of having no positive impact on potential players.
It may even have negative connotations, as one might reasonably expect a
larger emphasis on "fun" and "balanced" than on a meaningless code metric.

> Can someone please tell me what files to tinker with?


  grep -i -n "mana" *.[ch] > mana-places

will do a case-insenitive search for 'mana' in all .c and .h files,
writing the file, line, and line number in which they occur to the
mana-places file.  If you have Cygwin, you should be able to do the same
thing on Windows.  Barring that, you can obtain a version of grep for
Windows at  I have not
and have no way of testing this.  If it doesn't work for you, go to Google
( and search for "grep windows".  (You'll probably
have to use a different command line for non-Cygwin Windows grep utilities
since DOS doesn't support filename patterns like *.[ch].  It will suffice
to grep once through *.c and then again through *.h.)

Of course, just knowing where all of the occurrences of "mana" are in the
code doesn't help you a great deal.  However, if you have a good design
and put together a good strategy (and have backups :), you should be able
to land a replacement for mana in a relatively short time.  You will, of
course, need to modify all of the spello() definitions in spell_parser.c,
which will probably be the most tedious of all the needed tasks.  A good
starting point, I think, would be to go to spell_parser.c and write a
function that encapsulates the requirements for needing to cast a spell.
This will tell you how you need to change the do_cast() code, spello(),
and perhaps other things.


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