[code][newbie] bitvectors and shop files

From: Paul (pcschuler@ATT.NET)
Date: 09/06/01

I am sure that I am not the first person to experience this, but
I can't seem to find the answer anywhere else, so here goes:

I am running Circle build 19 with oasis 2.0.1.  When editing a shop using
sedit, it saves the 'with who' bitvector using the alpha form of the
bitvector (i.e. NOCLERIC and NOTHIEF = fg).  This should be allowed per
building.doc, but upon loading I receive the SYSERR: Error in shop #xxxxx.
Manually changing the bitvector back to it's numeric form (96) corrects the

I have also tried using alpha bitvectors on stock bpl19 and receive the
same error.

Any suggestions on the correct way of fixing this??

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