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From: Steve Bryant (
Date: 09/06/01

From: "Richard Jolitz" <rich@OUTPOSTTRADER.COM>

> What zones must be left in stock circle to avoid crashing the thing?  I'm
> trying to strip out all the stock areas to replace them but I"ve managed
> trash things.
All the zones can be stripped out, although you should at least have a
zone 0 (zero). The problem you might be having is: there are places
in the code that refer to room, mob, and obj vnums. These will have
to be removed or just changed to something equivalent in the new
zone. For example, in Midgaard there is a 'mayor' mob which is tied
in the code to a special proc. The mayor's vnum is 3105 in file
31.mob. Let's say your new city zone is zone 1. So then just copy
the Mayor mob definition from 31.mob to 1.mob and change his
vnum to 1105. Now go find vnum 3105 in the circle code and change
it 1105 also.

That is just one example of things that have be changed in the code and
world files. This is intended to point you in the right direction and is not
a complete list of things to be done by any means.

I have successfully replace everything in the circle\lib\world directory.


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