Re: NEWBIE - No attacks when wielding certain weapons

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 09/06/01

> I've noticed when I wield certain weapons I don't get any attacks.  I remove
> the weapon and can hit with bare hands.  For instance .. a diamond edged
> sword that I got out of the elven forest area (downloaded off ftp site
> -contrib areas-) or a Firecaster sword that I got off of weapons spell
> patch.  I can't wield either of these and get attacks.  Yet when wielding a
> regular long sword or even bare hands I get attacks.  Just recently I added
> dual wield to my mud.. I'm curious what could be the reason behind this?
        Well, you've probably got two culprits;

        1) You've added a large number of external patches and other
(zones, etc) additions who's internal (code) functionality and
reprecussions you do not understand.  As a general rule, only patch
something in if you could have written it yourself, or if you plan on
going through it line by line to understand what it's doing.

        2) You said it yourself, the dual wield was just 'added'.  I'm
surprised you're not digging in the code already.  There's probably a set
of circumstances which cause it (the dual wield) to interfere with your
attack functions being triggered.  Find it, and fix it.


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