[Ad][New Code] New and improved Guild System

From: Yohay Etsion (yohay_etsion@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/07/01

Hey people,

I just came back from a month in the US, and got my internet access back,
so this comes a bit late.

Before I went to travel the US I contributed a patch/snippet, which was
written for stock circle, of an extensive guild system. You guys can find
the snippet/patch at:


And the README file at:


This guild system is quite extensive and has many features, including:

- Everything is color coded.
- Everything can be set online, EVERYTHING.
- Guild bank accounts, fully featured.
- Guild seeking system, combined with a sponsorship system.
- Guild equipment system, guild zones system, guild skills system.
- Guild ranks and subranks.
- Guild channels: online settable, including their names,
  colors and layouts.
- Guild help system: Online adding/deleting/removing of guild help
- Guild gossip system.
- Saved guild information: guild descriptions, guild requirements.
- Guildwalk rooms set online.
- Special titles for Guildleaders and guildies.
- Every guild feature can be turned on/off using guild flags.
- A permission system for guildies, using guildie flags:
  Guildleaders can give guildies the permission to guild other,
  withdraw money from the guild bank account, sponsor seekers,
  authorize seekers, write gossip in the gossip file and skillset
- Guildleaders can be either morts or IMMs.
- Guild types supported, also one can use "clubs" as OOC guilds.
- Commands for handling all guild aspects and guild information.

Moreover, this system is extremely easy to install, as it doesn't
touch the pfiles whatsoever, thus not requiring a pwipe, nor ANY
pfile changes. Only problem you might encounter in installing this
system is the need for the gnome xml-lib installed on the machine,
something which takes 5 minutes to do.

I have no idea if anyone tried using this guild system yet, but if
anyone did, I'll be very happy to hear from him/her/them. Any suggestions,
complaints, ideas, whatever, feel free to Email me :)

Anyways, I hope you guys try it and let me know what you think :)

Yohay Etsion

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