Re: [Ad][New Code] New and improved Guild System

From: Joshua Crawford (
Date: 09/07/01

Yohay Etsion skribis:

> I have no idea if anyone tried using this guild system yet, but if
> anyone did, I'll be very happy to hear from him/her/them. Any suggestions,
> complaints, ideas, whatever, feel free to Email me :)

I didn't compile the code (no mud atm, and I don't really feel like waiting
for a compile on this cruddy 386), but from what I recall of it from back
when I was at fang, the only problem with it was the lack of an unseek
command to go with seekguild. (The only problem after we stopped it crashing
anyhow :) That's a suggestion, again, to add that command.

Btw, you've included various files in the patch, that are also included
separate in the tarball. All of them in fact, except your readmes.
You've also got the easycolor code in your patch.
And your Makefile includes guild.c as a dependancy for various .o files
(You should be patching anyhow).

How's things? You still with fang? Any chance of removing my siteban? :)
ICQ me sometime (I'm 71445285. I lost your num when I got rid of the win


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