[AD] Seeking Coder and other positions

From: Richard Jolitz (rich@outposttrader.com)
Date: 09/07/01

Well of the Worlds is seeking a Coder.  We are presently stock but ripping
out most stock areas as I type this.

Items we have in planning:

Modified combat system
Modified experience system based on level by skill
A death sequence that requires more then just logging back in
Implementation of Races with racial skills

We need a Coder who wants to be part of the planning of this World and can
code the systems we develop.  This is a long term project, not one that we
want to hack together and throw up. We are seeking someone who wants to be
part of a creative team and who is not shy about telling us when we are full
of something vile, but is willing to take up a challenge.

We are running Circle 3 bpl 18, Oasis, and Dg Scripts.

Drop in The Well and talk to Emicarn or Akatha at well.inetsolve.com:8888 or
email me at mudadmin@emicarn.com.

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