Re: [Question][Code] Combining messages

From: Caniffe (
Date: 09/10/01

I personally feel that 4 mobiles isn't too bad of spam.  It gives the effect
of a few people, which IMHO is a good thing (TM).  Perhaps mob stacking
could be implemented however when the number of mobiles passes say, 5?  So,
when you get whacked by 6 mobs at the same time, it groups you, or groups in

(2*)A red soldier leaves east.[1]
(2*)A red soldier leaves east.
(2*)A red soldier leaves east.

Instead of:
(6*)A red soldier leaves east.

(which is of course instead of 6 separate lines).

The 3-lined example cuts down on output by 50% (woohoo, the gallery cheers),
but still has enough there to signify _a lot_ of mobiles floating around.
Culling it to just one line sounds severe for numbers between maybe 1-10
mobs; perhaps over this it can be culled to (10*)A red soldier?


[1] : Using George's notation for mob/obj stacking.  I prefer the (2) or
(2x) method for objects, but for mobs either of (2*) or (2) would please the
masses, I believe.

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