Re: [Question][Code] Combining messages

From: Dust (
Date: 09/10/01

Well, this would be for any and all messages, not necessarily mobiles.
It's been done in ROM and I figure it would be very useful when you
have ~20 corpses disintigrating around you after a brief war skirmish.
And it isn't just six soldiers, its closer to a hundred.

Roughly, I'm looking for ideas on how and where to do this: add a new
descriptor variable if its neccessary (char *last_output) and also a
counter (int repeat_count). But I'm not sure what comm.c functions
would need to be modified (as a rule, I try to avoid changing comm.c
unless its to add some new update related func in heartbeat),
process_output, write_to_output, etc. The changes would be along the
lines of, checking the previous output with the current one, if they
are the same, add one to repeat_count and move on, if they aren't the
same, print out the old output and reset everything. Any ideas on a
bit more detail in working with this?

To go with Caniffe's idea, a method like the one I described above
would be easy to arbitrarily set some limit of grouped messages, ie if
(repeat_count > 3), etc.

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