From: Zaufe (zaufe@genesishosting.com)
Date: 09/15/01

I am trying to bring my MUD from a RedHat 7.1 box (Hosting service) to my
own Box running Windows with Cygwin.  I wish I new which version of Cygwin
it is, but its the one I downloaded right off their website, and they don't
seem to display any version numbers with it.

I get many compiling errors when using my MUD from my Linux box, but I can
compile the circle distributions without a problem.   I have read the
README.cygwin and wave searched the archives, but have not been able to find
a solution...  I have removed all of my configurations and reran

What I am curious is if anyone else had this type of problem and if they can
share what changes they may have had to make to get it to recompile

Thanks in advance..

-(O Zaufe O)-

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