Re: [CODE] Debugging with EFence Question.

From: Pure Krome (
Date: 09/16/01

Hello :)

>>Add a LOT of swap space to your computer ..

Hmmm .. I appologise if this is going off topic now, but I'm a newbie at
this linux stuff :(

I've installed mandrake 7.2. it has 128 MB ram, and 400 swap. That's not
if not, how can i make more swap (at least for the purpose of this
exercise?) I have my computer partitioned in 400MB for linux swap and the
rest is just / [root]  [that's what i said when i created the partitions
when i installed]. The HD is around 6MB only though.

Any suggestions Circle+Linux guru's?

I can run the mud in mini-mode .. but i was worried that the error might
have been due to the fact i have so many zones/rooms or something like that.

I have 14036 rooms.

Finally, is it recommended i run my version of my code (with EFence) in gdb
mode? [ie. will i be able to do BT, etc if EFence stops me?]

eg. gdb ./bin/circle

Like I said, i've never used EFence but heard about it here with regards to
core dumps and bounds checking and i'm a newbie.

Thank you all again for any help.

Regards :  -Pure Krome-

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