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From: flawed (
Date: 09/16/01

On Sun, 16 Sep 2001, Michelle wrote:

> I created an amulet as a type "wand" so that it could have the spell
> "invisible" on it.   I only wanted a certain number of these in the
> that..i mean...only a certain number with a charge left on
> it.    So..once the amulet is used (only 1 charge) stays....and it holds
> a slot so that another one doesn't get created, even though it has already
> been used.  I want it to disappear after use, so that a certain number of
> USABLE "Amulet of Hide" will be in the game at one time.
> heh....sometimes I know EXACTLY what I'm trying to say..but have problems
> explaining it to other people...if all i've done is confuse..i apologize.
> Michelle

I think what you're trying to explain is if the object is loaded, we'll
say a ring of invisibility, and the player has it, it will never load
again even if the character is rented or not.  But once the charges are
used up, the item dissappears, the mud wiould then load another normally.
Does that sound right?   Its like Global loading abilities.

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