world files

From: Chris H. (
Date: 09/16/01

I'm having problems with the .wld file and probably
the .zon file, but I'm not sure.  When I run circle
and circle -c, they both crash.  It says

Sep 16 21:10:13 :: Loading zone table.
Sep 16 21:10:13 ::    3 zones, 84 bytes.
Sep 16 21:10:13 :: Loading rooms.
Sep 16 21:10:13 ::    79 rooms, 5056 bytes.

and then does the illegal operation thing and stops.
i've looked over the files and can't find anything
wrong, but I *am* just starting and was wondering if
anyone could help, so I know how to fix this problem
later.  the .wld and .zon files are at .

Thanks for any help.


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