Quick colour question -

From: Ben Merton (ben@adventec.com.au)
Date: 09/16/01

Hey all!

Currently upgraded to circle30bpl19 w/ Oasisolc2.0.1bpl18 + asciipfiles2.0.1 -

Added in easy-colour-2.2.tar.gz and though it all seems to work fine (the
colour codes work fine in the mud) im getting the following warning:

color.c: In function `proc_color':
color.c:138: warning: implicit declaration of function `strlen'
color.c:148: warning: implicit declaration of function `strcpy'

I was wondering if this is a warning that all people using this patch get
or if i've done something wrong when patching it.. (or if anyone has been
able to fix this could you let me know how!? :))



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