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From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 09/17/01

Hello Gerald,

Sunday, September 16, 2001, 8:22:57 PM, you wrote:

GR> uhmmm... add an "#include <strings.h>" at the beginning for color.c,
GR> that should fix it.

    Always a bad idea to do a, "#include <system-dependent-file.h>",
    which strings.h incidentally is.

    Therefore, if I remember this problem correctly, the thing to do
    is to add these two lines to the top of color.c:

    #include "conf.h"
    #include "sysdep.h"

    Which you will see in pretty much all of the CircleMUD files.

       Is there any reason as to why the header files in Circle hasn't
       been created using guards so that it is possible to include a
       header file twice in the same manner the standard libraries are
Yours truly,
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