Re: Header Files - (was: Quick colour question)

From: Henrik Stuart (
Date: 09/17/01

Hello Daniel,

Monday, September 17, 2001, 10:33:10 AM, you wrote:

> Naturally, if you make a change like this, you're going to need to make a
> few precautionary changes.  I'm not sure if it's worth doing (or, maybe,
> not doing) in stock CircleMUD.  It's a bit of a neutral thing: for most
> people, it does nothing good or bad.  For some people that are changing
> the headers to #include each other, it may help, but I suspect that most
> people that are doing this are creating *new* headers that need the guards
> added manually, anyway.  Does this mesh with your experience?

  Was actually, originally, just a curiosity question since I find
  adding guards a good programming style (just in case) so you don't
  have to track weird bugs that comes from you adding a header-file
  more than once.

  As for stock circle it might not be necessary but that is because
  each file are carefully created as to not have any circular
  includes, whether this makes it easier to understand is a matter of
  opinion I guess. For total newbies it might be easier, but then
  again, they have a harder time fixing it if that is what goes wrong.

  And hopefully people add guards if they need them. :o)  So yes, that
  does mesh with my experience.

Yours truly,
 Henrik Stuart (

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