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Date: 09/17/01

on 9/17/01 2:49 PM, Mysidia at jmhess@I-55.COM wrote:

> [snip]
> Make your autorun script copy circle.exe to another name:
> circle<RandomNumber>.exe
> and run that...

actually I do believe windows will let you rename the active binary to
something else then you could copy over the new binary and go from there.
Linux has this same problem it wont let you overwrite some binary files if
they are in use but does allow them to be renamed so you could for example
try this:

rename(current_circle, old_circle);
rename(new_circle, current_circle);

that may get around your problem plus it allows copyover to bring new
changes in the source code online when it's executed. the old file will of
course be allowed to be overwritten once the process is probably fully
restarted. so you should have no problem overwriting it when doing the next

I've been meaning to imp this myself but hadn't gotten around to it.

Ron Fenner

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