[CODE] [BUG] ... buffer stuff...

From: Russell Ryan (rjwr10@hotmail.com)
Date: 09/19/01

I just ran into a problem and was wondering if anyone else has encountered
it before.. When there are multiple people, objects, mobs, etc.. in a room,
a lot of them, when you type look, sometimes look doesnt print one or two of
the people in the room, but if they have something like sanctuary it prints
the message, so i dont think its that the person is being skipped over, i
thought it had something to do with buffers..( i have george's buffer patch
).. but anyway, just wondering if anyone else has seen this before.. ive
found that it only happens sometimes, and if i turn off stuff like autoexit
and turn brief on i can usually see them.. which confuses me becuase room
desc, autoexits, and displaying of chars etc. are all on different
send_to_chars.. or perhaps my minimal knowledge of the output buffer system
circle uses causes me to misunderstand...

any help appreciated,

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